Sunday, March 8, 2009

Billy Bananas

So .. I like Vinyl ..
I'm weird that way ..


is a Favorite of mine ..

just haven't been able to get lucky enough to get any others ..

I was lucky enough to get the BLUE GITD one ..
through Toy Qube

This auction for the 5 newest ones went for $315 on eBay !!

I did get the XRAY one for a friend ..
but wasn't smart enough at the time to get one for me ..

Now there is another auction that ends tomorrow night ..

Since I had no idea this Event was happening ..
while I was in NYC down the block at NYCCon !!

It's only at $61 ..
but the high bidder has the 3 high bids ..
meaning he backed his bid up .. TWICE !!

I may have to get them all seperately ..
starting with PINKY here ..

through Clutter Magazine

Wish Me LUCK !!!

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