Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Christmas Time ?

Freddy Christmas Lights Display

This holiday season you can show your neighbors and Santa how much you love Funko by displaying an 8-foot-tall, LED-light Freddy in your yard. As a proud owner of this extremely limited piece of holiday art, you'll enlighten everyone about your passion for all things Funko.

Each Freddy will be handmade in metal and then adorned with LED lights. For easy storage, you will be able to fold the frame in half. The picture is for illustrative purpose only and is not a production piece. Some variation in the final design are to be expected.

Obviously, the limited nature of this item makes it a tad bit expensive. With shipping, each Freddy will run $300 to $400 each. Payments are not due until November 1. Displays are expected in the country around mid-November.

If you wish to commit to buying one, you must let me know no later than August 26. Send me a PM if you want one.

Permission to make the Freddy Funko Holiday Light Frame available has been given by Brian, who will receive one for his yard.

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