Saturday, September 26, 2009

Funko Collection - DONE DEAL !!!

A decision had to be made .. and I made it ..!!
First got ALL the crystals I had together ..
Finks and Freddys now with the others ..

Got all the Boops and Diablos together .. lots of those were stacked on the floor ..

Moved all the Marvels .. WTWTA .. and the Bigfeet from next to the couch and `puter..

Got my Finks together now ..

Still need to find a spot for my assorted vinyl .. and Star Treks ..

Found space for my Transformers .. and GI Joe's ..

Got the chairs emptied .. Big Fink can come back to guarding the darts board when needed ..
So .. there is space for the Christmas tree when the time comes ..

All the Star Wars together next to the `puter ..

Uglydoll stuff together now .. Flapjack stuff behind the laptop ..

So .. you ask .. What's in the NEW bookcase now ..???
Better to show ya .. then to just tells ya ..

Hanna Barbera .. Land of the Lost .. and lots of Sleestaks ..

So .. Japrechaun is with the Freddy's and Funko Originals ..

Lunch Ladys are with the Meal Magic's ..

It's all so overwhelming ..

So what do you think happens when you re-organize .. ??
You find lots more doubles you didn't know you had ..

Also .. you can play darts again ..

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