Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Friend Dave - Update

Couldn't make it out to Los Angeles for the Giant Robot Biennale? Yeah me neither. But now your prayers have been answered. This Thursday at 3 pm NYC time (12 noon for you West Coast people), the exclusives from the show will be on sale at all Giant Robot stores and online at giantrobot.com. Le Merde's Bangal is a collaboaration between the artist, GR, and legendary Japanese manufacturer Gargamel. The figure is a translucent pink body with silver spray highlights.

According to his insert card, My Friend Dave means we may sometimes feel so lonely but we are never alone because we are ALL ONE!Because we are all parts of one whole, so is this gift to you. While Sun-Min and David created him, T9G sculpted him, and INTHEYELLOW produced him, bringing him to life is up to you. When you join in and show us what you've got, we all come alive together. Always feel brave! Like DAVE.

Words to live by. Dave comes in 2 color ways, a hot pink with purple highlights and a lime green with blue and yellow highlights. These are exclusive colorways for the GR Biennale, and I believe this is the first time this figure has been available outside of Japan. Here are the details for getting your hands on these beauties. Sales open at 3pm NYC time, this Thursday October 29th, no sooner. If you're not in New York City and cannot come to the store to purchase your vinyl, please place your order online via the webstore on giantrobot.com. Due to the extremely limited run on these figures, there's a limit of one of each character per customer (no double Daves). I know some of you will cry foul at this, but we have to play fair. I'm not immune to the kaiju curse myself, and I will do my best to accommodate everybody. A LOT of work went into this, you can read more about that via GR's Eric Nakamura here. And of course more information is available straight from David Horvath himself on his blog.

These are really great vinyls, and sure to sell out fast. Thursday is just 48 hours away!

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