Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SDCC 2010 / Fundays - MORE Special Thanx !!

So .. time for more Thanx !!! In no particular order .. I got to point a few things out ..

Kevin - Buddha !!! Always a GREAT time to see you .. my 1st Beer Pong partner .. !!! We need a rematch next year .. we will kick there asses !!! I'll work on my Joe Cocker impersonation for next year !!!

Bryan - Welcome to the Funatic Lifestyle dude !!! So glad to meet you .. had a BLAST hanging out and drinking with you !! Same time next year buddy !!!

Grego - What can I say my Brutha !! So glad you came out Saturday night .. that Guacamole was the BOMB !!! It was GREAT to hang with you and the family .. good food with great people ..

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