Saturday, November 13, 2010

Funko Giveaway - Brian's Halloween Contest

Want to win 2 VERY VERY SPOOKTACULAR & RARE items ..

Inspired by T Bone's new AVATAR ..
(Kudos to him .. and he gets one automatically for providing the inspiration)

One is Spooky Orange GLOW, and is SPOOKTACULAR Metallic and even more RARE ..
And we will have a (un)LUCKY Number of WInners totaling 13 !!!!!!

Make sure you hover or float around the board for the next 4 days and look for your chance to win ..

A Orange Glow Lil Gruesome(one of 24) or a SPOOKTACULAR Orange Metallic Lil Gruesome (one of 12)..

Anyone is in to win this bad boy?

Contest is over now ..
WOO HOO !!!!

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