Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Andy Kaufman Custom Munny from "Is This Thing On .. ?"

The Gallery 1988 - Melrose recently held a show called "Is this thing on?" to honor the humor stand-up, where several artists were invited to celebrate a comedian, is a painting, sculpture, toys or any other media and style that the artist wanted.

The artist TaskOne was chosen to honor the great comedian Andy Kaufman and a figure for this customized Munny as Mr. Kaufman.

The Andy Kaufman Munny is supported on a base shaped to the scene of Saturday Night Live, where he voiced the theme song of drawing Mighty Mouse . The stage has lights that illuminate the truth and the record player used to play the track design.

Watch the video to a performance by Andy Kaufman on Saturday Night Live site sevenload .

The Andy Kaufman Munny sold on opening night for $ 500. Check out all the artworks of the exhibition "Is this thing on?" On the website of Gallery 1988 .

If you never saw Andy perform ..
you are missing something special ..
It wasn't just comedy .. it was art ..

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