Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Here we go....

A flocked monster Pop!
A Green Glow Pop from Pixar!
9” Pop..The hype is Buzzin' around this one...
9” Pop is Magnificent in Metallic. Did I spell that right????????
A real classic Pop! from Disney...Metallic PAINTS
His original super hero suit..goes Pop!
Soon to be hit movie gets the metallic Pop treatment
This guy face is stone cold metallic..Pop style
A brand new DC Pop series 3 gets all shiny on us...
Metallic Paint for the Pop! Superhero
FLOCKED, cute and cuddly is this Pop!
Big Movie, big Bobble, big metallic.
Not a Reach for this debut a nice cool color!
This winged Pop! gets Metallic PAINT
How Wicked is this Pop! we will soon know
Movie Bobble! Metallic PAINT..super hero action
Bobble fun for this arch villain! Metallic PAINT
Cereal Fun makes it's Pop! debut
More of the above...
And still more of the above!!!!
Oa need some Movie Pop! Magic
Villainous Pop! Metallic
Star Wars Pop! FLOCKED
Star Wars meets the dark side on this Pop!
BLOX Metallic..making his debut
Monster Cereal BLOX Metallic x 2
Monster Cereal BLOX Metallic x 3
GLOW BOBBLE for this arcade classic!!!
This BIG Pop! goes Metallic
A surprise Bobble from the depths of the sea!
Huuuh, this bobblehead is sweet! and talking Bobble
Hey you Dumb A#$, my bobble is sweet too!

Details on the buy it now are as follows...

Will ship by end of July(about a week after the show)
TOTAL Value is $600.00
BUY IT NOW PRICE is $500.00

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