Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zenescope NEWS - The Theater ** TEASERS ** EVEN MORE !!

The final batch of teasers for Zenescope and Raven Gregory's The Theater are here, and this last round is a doozy. With art by Ale Garza, Sean Chen, and Rodin, these are a varied three.
In Garza's we have a tagline about ghosts who won't let go. An apparition haunts a homeless man from what appears to be inside a comic book shop, with covers of other Zenescope titles shown in the background

Rodin's teaser is truly haunting. An image of a man hugging a young boy is nice, a showing of fatherly love. Except when he's dead, then it's super creepy. The boy is crying, but that's really only natural when being hugged by a dead person, isn't it?

Finally in Chen's we have a play of art. "Some things can't be undone" is the tagline of this final teaser. In it, we see an artist's hand wiht a pencil, erasing a man on a street. The horrific part is in the man himself. You see, he's aware he's being erased.

Stay tuned later this week for the answer to the question:
Just what is The Theater?

* this article stolen from Newsarama blog !

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