Thursday, July 14, 2011

SDCC 11- TOY2R (Fugitive Toys too) CON NEWS !!! Booth 601

And while we have previously posted Toy2R's upcoming appearance at San Diego Comic Con (www) - and now seems Fugitive Toys is added into the mix at Booth #601. And as well something "new" might be in-store: 7-inch Visible Qees - featuring clear Qee body-shells with anatomical skeletons within - check out the snaps below:

Toy2R will be debuting the series of Artist 5" Mini Qees at San Diego Comic Con (www) Booth #601 - featuring:
- Deady "Big in Japan" 5" Mini Qee by Voltaire
- Uncle Argh 5" Mini Qee by Scott Tolleson (signing at 1:00pm on THURS)
- Atomic Beartank by Smash Tokyo Toys (available at October Toys booth)

As well we will see Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5" Mini Qees Sneak Peeks (and more) of which his Nathaniel Vigo 5" Mini Qee and Olaf the Mute 8" Qee is shown beside below (via Toy2R-USA), waiting for their Captain, of the Whispering Corsair! Going to be quite a showcase of JPK's designs too, IMHO.

* this articles stolen from the ToysREvil Blog !!

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