Saturday, December 31, 2011

Funko NEWS - PopaPolooza on the Funatics Boards

Brian posts on the Boards - "Ok, I have been super quiet...trying to make all the cool toys we can..But it has been a WHILE since I did a super cool giveaway.. So stay tuned, and I will START your new years off with a HUGE BANG....... I will be giving away Signed and Numbered 12 piece PROTO CRAZY COLOR EDITIONS of a few of my favorite Pop! Starting each day at Random time starting Jan 1st...and running for 7 days.. So who wants some VERY RARE 1 of 12 CRAZY PROTO editions of Pop! in colors that are just plain CRAZY.. Get ready to hang around the board waiting for me to Pop up and start a thread in the Pop! forum.....and be ready to win... AND BY THE WAY.... Welcome to all our new board nice for you to join our little community...and to FunkoFanJim..Happy Holidays big guy! Thanks for keeping the fun GOING!!!!!!!!!" Brian Live from New York .. It's my iPhone !!!

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