Sunday, December 18, 2011

Topps - Mars Attacks Cards 50th Anniversary

Topps Celebrates 50th Anniversary of MARS ATTACK with Commemorative Licensing Campaign!

It was back in 1962 when Topps created MARS ATTACKS -- a controversial series of trading cards depicting a Martian invasion of Earth. Featuring vivid images of Martian mayhem and over-the-top violence, the powerful artwork left an indelible impression. Yet, as much as kids loved them, the company ultimately ceased production in response to backlash from concerned parents and teachers.
Fast-forward decades later and those original MARS ATTACKS cards are now widely considered the most valuable and sought-after non-sport trading cards of all time. The painting that was designated as card #1, “The Invasion Begins,” sold recently at auction for more than $90,000. Individual cards are valued at hundreds of dollars each, while a full set in top condition commands tens of thousands of dollars.

Now recognized as a pop-culture icon (the Topps cards were the inspiration for the 1996 feature film directed by Tim Burton), MARS ATTACKS hits the half-century mark in 2012. Throughout the year Topps will celebrate the milestone anniversary with a new line of officially licensed products based on the classic property.

“A group of top-notch partners form the first phase of the merchandising program,” says Ira Friedman, VP/Global Licensing for Topps. “Each company on board has shown real passion for MARS ATTACKS and their creations will be nothing short of fantastic,” notes Friedman.
Initial licensees include: Abrams (commemorative book); [b]Funko (bobble heads, vinyl dolls)[/b]; Gelaskins (electronic skins); IDW (comic books & graphic novels); Impact Merchandising (T- shirts); Incogneato (costumes); Mezco Toyz (action figures, plush); Moebius Models (model kits); Quarantine Studios (statues); and 10 Again Clothing (apparel).
In addition to overseeing the licensing activities, Topps will publish a special, 50th Anniversary commemorative edition of MARS ATTACKS trading cards. The series will include high-quality reprints of the original cards as well as newly-created imagery.

Beyond 2012 Topps will focus on expanding the brand’s target audience, retail presence and product offerings. New character introductions and updated storylines –propelled by the ongoing comics and cards – all portend a franchise reboot that will be fully underway in 2013.
“Given the many prospects to grow the fan base with compelling storytelling, social media and innovative new products, we intend to keep building and evolving the MARS ATTACKS franchise for at least another 50 years!” says Topps’ Friedman.

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