Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Giants SuperFan - Joe Ruback : the License Plate Guy

In case any of you people don't know who Joe is, here is a recent article about him.

Giant super fan steps up to plate every game !!

It’s lunchtime in Yonkers and two dozen uniformed kids are marching around the perimeter of the Biondi School gym, all of them wearing khaki pants and maroon shirts, a parade of conformity playing out before an athletic director who conforms to little besides full-bore eccentricity.

Joe Ruback looks at the kids and smiles. He tries to explain the power of his passion, the depth of his dedication, the logic behind his lunacy - one that has compelled him to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, and wear a ladder of license plates to football games, all over the country.

Live from New York its from my iPhone !!

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