Sunday, March 25, 2012

Random Art O' the Day - Larry Welz

So .. when I woke up this morning I was feeling a bit nostalgic. I hadn't searched for some of my favorite things on Google, or eBay in quite some time.
One of my absolute favorite artists of all-time is this man's work shown below. Some people may not think of the art of an appropriate nature, and some of the artwork is definitely for only over the age of eighteen.
When I was young I loved Archie Comics, then when I got older I found Cherry Comics. Not only was the artwork awesome, but it brought memories back of those comics from when I was younger, and it satirized them as well.
I collected anything I could Cherry, the comics, beach towels, t-shirts, artwork, pens, pinbacks, notepads, postcards, and even the club membership card. All of which you can see in a later post on my blog.
Today started with a Google search for images, then after finding a comic art website which I joined, I got directed to a post in a blog from Sept 2011. Below is a sample of what I found ... more to come .. ENJOY !!!

LARRY WELZ on Tumblr

This was from the blog post I found .. posted in Sept 2011
Cartoonist Larry Welz came out of the underground comics world of the late '60s with work in comics like Captain Guts, Bakersfield Kountry Komics, and American Flyer Funnies. His most successful work was with the Archie Comics inspired pornographic comic Cherry Poptart, later known simply as Cherry. It ran for twenty-two issues in the '80s and '90s. According to numerous mentions in the comic there was to be a live-action Cherry film, but to the best of my knowledge this never happened.

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