Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Uglydoll NEWS - **NEW** Ugly's !!

Pretty Ugly has announced a pair of new Uglydolls.

Little Bent
Little Bent is out of control! Nonstop moving around! Looking out the window all day long dreaming….while drooling! There’s no stopping this one! You know those things called stop signs? Good luck trying to explain those things to Little Bent! And there’s nothing little about this big time go getter. Know how sometimes when it is super quiet and you can hear a tiny ringing in your ears? That’s Little Bent in another country ordering lunch. I know, right?

Flatter is one clumsy guy. The good times seem to fall right into his lap. How clumsy! Not only that, he’s so very awkward. Can you imagine he thinks our thoughts can create our reality? Yeah right, like this tag you are reading started in someone’s imagination. Anyway, be kind to Flatter. As you can see, there’s a lot to learn out there.

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