Sunday, April 29, 2012

Topps - Mars Attacks! Heritage Series : Sketches EVERYWHERE !!

Mars Attacks Heritage Trading Cards Box (2012 Topps)

Release Date: 07/15/12
50 Years of Mayhem - Mars Attacks Space Adventure Trading Cards!

First Ever Mars Attacks Sketch Cards - One per hobby box!
All of the original cards from 1962 on heritage stock with multiple levels of parallels:
Green Bordered (1:3 packs)
Silver Bordered (1:24 packs)
Gold Bordered (50 per subject - hobby exclusive!)
1/1 Printing Plates (Hobby Exclusive) - 4 Colors per subject: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
* Deleted scene cards: new paintings based on unused 1962 drawings (1 per pack)
* New universe cards by IDW comic artist John McCrea (1 per pack)
* Spectacular 3-D Lenticulars (1:8 packs)
24 packs per box

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