Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Center for Discovery Announces Michael Wittenberg Center for Imagination, Named After Late Husband of Bernadette Peters

Tony winner Bernadette Peters, The Center for Discovery and The Monderer Foundation have announced the naming of the Michael Wittenberg Center for Imagination at The Center for Discovery in Harris, NY.

Wittenberg, the husband of Broadway actress Peters, was tragically killed in a helicopter crash in September 2005.

In a statement Peters said, "The Center for Discovery has created a remarkable program—unique in the area—that supports the most severely disabled children and adults. Michael was deeply connected to the environment, good health, and the protection of all living creatures. With its focus on promoting wellness and health to expand life’s possibilities for a very vulnerable group of people, The Center for Discovery is the embodiment of Michael’s life passions."

The Center for Discovery, according to press notes, will provide "individuals with a range of disabilities and medical frailties innovative educational, clinical, residential, and social and creative arts experiences designed to enrich their lives through personal accomplishment."

“The Center for Discovery has one of the most current and innovative educational approaches distinguished by a philosophy that celebrates each individual’s abilities rather than his or her disabilities,” added Carol Turchin Monderer, CEO of The Monderer Foundation. “The Monderer Foundation's mission is to support multiply challenged children and adults. We are delighted to be involved in supporting The Center for Discovery.”
“We commend Bernadette Peters for her passion, and we thank her for lending her voice to support The Center for Discovery,” said Patrick H. Dollard, president and CEO of The Center for Discovery. “Adults and children come here to learn of our responsibility to respect and care for ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our animals, and nature in all its forms. It is for these reasons that we name the heart of The Center for Discovery the ‘Michael Wittenberg Center for Imagination.’ The entire center gratefully acknowledges Bernadette Peters and The Monderer Foundation for their support of The Center for Discovery.” For more information visit www.thecenterfordiscovery.org.

Here is Mike @ Jones Beach in the mid 80's ..

Earlier today I shared this article above on Facebook.. it was from a posting from the Bernadette Peters Facebook page .. 
it was about the naming of the Michael Wittenberg Center for Imagination.
I just thought it would be nice if any of us old friends (or MacArthur HS peeps) that might have some old pictures of Mike could post them for Bernadette to possibly see as a show of appreciation on Facebook. 
When or if they do I will add them to this blog post. I hope to see lots of "Old School" pictures.

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