Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Convention Madness - SDCC 0212 : "Fonzo" Glows in the Dark @ Freak Store Booth # 4836

More SDCC 2012 news... and why not?!?!? The folks over at Freak Store are really pushing their very first vinyl figure "Fonzo", and rightfully so as it's a cut little adorable dog, and we just got word that he will make an appearance at SDCC 2012 in an all new GID colorway... SWEET!!!! 
The 6" Fonzo is a limited edition of 100 pieces for SDCC and they will be available at Gary Ham's booth #4836. Do not miss the chance to take home Fonzo autographed by Gary in this sweet new colorway! No word on a price just yet... but we are assuming it will be around $60 a piece.

* this article stolen from the Spanky Stokes blog !!

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