Sunday, July 29, 2012

.. and now for something completely different ...

Did you ever wonder what you would do without a car .. no immediate means of transportation ..
How would you survive ?? Would you forage in the woods for nuts and berries .. becoming a Vegan ??
Would you hunt for your food .. killing defenseless animals for meat ?? Damn dat squirrel looks tasty ..

Or would you walk to the Deli on the corner .. for a sandwich .. !! 
Today I found out .. What I .. Would Do ..

Milk & Eggs at Dairy Barn .. 

NEW Farm Stand in front of the Value Drugs

I had to go back to Value Drugs for drinks and stuff later .. 

Break time .. 
Doesn't everybody have a Carvel in walking distance ..
Bingo !! Gold Mine ... 

I miss Italian Deli's .. like in Brooklyn ..

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