Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vinyl NEWS - Urban Devil from Pepperjerry

Hailing from Taipei, Taiwan is Pepperjerry - who shares with us his creation: "URBAN DEVIL"! First released in 2012 at Taipei Toy Festival, Jerry mentions that the Urban Devil series had taken"nearly three years of work in order to have the Little Demon Rock and Roll style fully developed, and a series of illustrations and Limited Edition Urban Devil figure." 
Check out more images on his Facebook fan-page 
(where you can perhaps contact him for availability details).

STORY: 'Urban Devil is a silly demon that came from Happy Hell to the Ground World to make big messes all around. Ice Cream, beer, and rock and roll are what pulls him out to the Ground Level; however nothing gets more interesting than making fun of the human being that's more stupid than he is.

After many special encounters, Urban Devil made friends with Butler, Radio Ape, and Snow who are also rock and roll addicts. They formed an underground punk rock band named What The Devil. Manager Gentleman George, his assistant Crazy 90 and a bunch of followers named Little Devils help to host numerous rock and roll screaming concerts between the two worlds. In the meanwhile, they never forget to do silly things and cause trouble together.

Urban Devil is an individual brand that has been injected with elements of rock and roll stimulants and strong visual clashes to release you from any restrains. It also creates an imaginary world to pull you out of the life of misery. Every is about Rock!'

* this article stolen from the ToysREvil blog !!

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