Friday, June 28, 2013

B.I.B. NEWS - Adventures in BBQ'ing : How to FIRE Up your Smoker

First - Get a bag of Lava Rocks ..
they are cheap and help hold the heat ..

Second - Cover the whole bottom pan ..
with a single layer ..

Third - Wrap up some charcoal ..
I was going to need a fire to last ..
so I wrapped up a dozen ..

Fourth - Make some tails ..
ball up the paper loosely .. 
you will need to get air in ..
smothering is the way to put out a fire ..

Fifth- Healthy layer of charcoal ..
BTW .. save the empty bag when done ..
this is the best starting paper ..
since it is so thick..

Sixth- When the coals start to get grey ..
Time to cook is not far away ..
Add your wood chips now ..
 just before you are ready to put on your meat ..

Seventh- Drop in the second pan ..
add water .. or apple juice with water ..
like I did ..

Finito !!
Smoke .. !!
No Lighter Fluid involved !!
No nasty smell ..
No chemical taste involved !!

Add as you need to keep your temperature up !!

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