Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vinyl NEWS - Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters : Mortimer the Mortician & Oliver the Bat Boy Vinyl Set

Click here to pre-order the incoming Mortimer the Mortician & Oliver the Bat Boy 6" vinyl toy sets by Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters. 3 colorways of each figure, and each is individually packaged. Manufactured by Artoyz, these items have already been produced and will be shipped into the US soon. We don't have a solid arrival date but I'd imagine it'd be between 1 and 2 months before they ship to customers. 200 pieces made in each colorway of each figure- pretty limited! And Mortimer in the "Aqua" set glows in the dark!

* this article stolen from the Tenacious Toys blog !!

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