Wednesday, August 6, 2014

JAFO NEWS - Back to the Blog .. Back to the Site .. Bring on the Board .. Join the JAFO Nation !!

Here we go with my 
"State of Just Another Funko Observer
Address for the upcoming year.

First .. just have to say look up .. 
There is a new header and logo for the Blog here.
I will try to be making some slight changes to the Blog ..
Nothing major .. 
No need to fix what ain't broke !!
During the last month we passed 500,000 views on this blog !!
Going very strong even though I haven't had a blog post in two weeks.
Longest stretch ever for me not to post.

Sorry but first world problems happen.
The death of my new laptop's hard drive had a huge impact.
I lost a lot of saved data.
Including all my SDCC / Fundays pictures.
Even the glam shots from before the con.
Since I was lazy and did not set this years page 
up before I left which I usually do.

Got a lot of work to do adding to the website ..
Lots of new products coming !!
'Nuff Said !!

I will be concentrating on the new board started to go along with my website.
As well as my Just Another Funko Observer Facebook group.

The shirts that I had made (only a few) to give to a few people at Fundays
went over very well I think. Jared did an awesome job on them.
They are meant to go along with the events pins 
I have made for different Funatic Events .. 
and are for the JAFO Nation.
Still debating whether they will be available for sale ..
or I will just have a limited amount made for events
and just give them away to deserving Funatics.

The process for things may go slow for a while because 
I am working from my old laptop which is very out dated 
until I can afford a new hard drive, or a whole new laptop.
Please bear with me. 
The priority for me is to get the Funko information out 
to you in a timely manner, accurately, and complete as always. 
Point you in the right direction for you to get your Funko, 
and to have FUN with it !!
That will never change here, or with myself.
Thanks everyone !!

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