Sunday, June 6, 2010

PinC - God I miss Vegas !!!

Today is National Politically Incorrect Day !!!

Enjoy It !!!

Two midgets are drinking in Las vegas and they decide to pick up some prostitutes.
So they take their prostitutes to their hotel rooms, which are next door to eachother.
The one midget cant seem to get a hard on because he drank too much, so he reluctantly pay his prostitute and kiks her out of his room.
In a sad state of mind he puts his ear to the wall to listen to his midget friend and he hears ugh ugh ugh.
He thinks to himself "well sounds like my midget friend is having a good time" then he goes to sleep.
The next morning the two midgets meet in the hotel lobby and discuss their nights.
The one midget says "my night sucked, I was too drunk and couldnt get a hard on, but it sounded like you had fun."
Then the other midget says "what are you kidding I couldnt even get up onto the bed."

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