Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Funko NEWS - L@@K What Santa Brought Brian !!!

Look what SANTA brought me!
by Brian@Funko

Wow, I was looking at one of my office shelves and something seemed weird ...
was there an extra GRUESOME in my office?
Out of nowhere appeared a red, white and green holiday Gruesome..

Well, actually 12 appeared...

Maybe Santa was working some magic at Funko..

Anyways .. I am giving most of these away ..
so use this thread to send me a picture or story
of why you really NEED THIS HOLIDAY GRUESOME this X MAS ..

And I will reward the most deserving /creative etc ..

Boy .. am I lucky to have a famous celebrity lobbying for me ...
Thank You Larry the Rabbit ..!!

1 comment:

ATwistedThought said...

Cute Video and Awesome Gruesome!Hope you and Larry have some Happy Holidays.