Saturday, March 10, 2012

Custom Crazed - Marvelous Munny's by David Kraig

Down below is a post from a few weeks back where a feature article on newcomer to the whole custom vinyl toy scene was written, David Kraig, with his awesome "Red Skull" Munny. Well he is back and today he shares with us a killer combo! Based on the new stylized "Batman" and "Joker" recently featured in the new Batman Arkcam city video game. He drew inspiration from that character design and approached these customs using super sculpy, acrylic paint and a bit of leather !! I really do like the way how David is able to capture that cartoony nature, yet give it an edge. Hit up his site HERE for many more custom creations!


Newcomer to the whole custom vinyl toy scene, David Kraig, just sent over some info on one of his first pieces... yeah, you read that right... this is one of his first customs! This piece, titled "Red Skull", is a custom 7" Munny customized to resemble Captain America's arch nemesis... and David did a fantastic job! He used Super Sculpy for the sculpt and acrylic paint along with his air brush to put down some finishing touches! Some serious detail work went into this piece... just look at the clothing, and the face... WOW! He tells us that a "Captain America" will soon follow. I am looking forward to seeing more from him, and if you dig what you see, this piece is up for grabs HERE right now... a great custom to grab!

* these articles stolen from the Spanky Stokes Blog !!

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