Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Movie NEWS - Dark Shadows : Write Up & More Pix

Dark Shadows movie will be a fascinating cinematic experience for audience to look forward with wide eyed awe as this will be packed with horror thriller mystery and suspense elements from beginning to end. Through this motion picture fans will get to see the result of a collaboration among a talented director and a fine cast. As this motion picture deals with former mentioned features at their best this is going to be a thrilling and exciting joyride for audiences to watch out with delight. An amazing and awesome movie this is going to be for audiences taking them by surprise.

Taking inspiration from a television series Dark Shadows movie will be coming up adding a modern touch to story featured in it and what will make this motion picture a fine flick is that this will have pieces of acting contributed by a wonderful and fascinating cast. Thus A listed actor Johnny Depp will be seen giving life to main role and starring opposite him will be Chloe Moretz and Michael Sheen. These are only some of the stars and it can be said that with many other notable stars on board this is going to be an awesome flick.

As the story of Dark Shadows movie begins the main character in it is going to Barnabas Collins who is a vampire. His adventures will be charted in movie storyline and it will go on to chart his encounters with monsters, witches, werewolves and ghosts. It is going to be quite fascinating for viewers to see the way in which the movie will go on to to bring horror thriller mystery and suspense filled scenarios. This is bound to be a one of a kind cinematic experience for audiences to look forward with delight and excitement in many ways.

Director who will be presenting Dark Shadows movie is talented and acclaimed movie maker Tim Burton who is one of the recognized creators. When looking at his previous movies it can be noticed that he has come up with exceptional and extraordinary movies. With years of experiences in the field he will be offering viewers the chance to take a look at a remarkable realization of a motion picture with this new addition to movies. With a promising cast on board he will make sure to offer fans the chance to take a look at a well crafted motion picture.

Dark Shadows movie is set to hit theaters sometime soon in next year and it is going to be a bit hard for them to wait for this movie. However it can be said that their wish to have a great time at theaters will be duly fulfilled through this entertaining sounding motion picture. With a fine director and a talented cast on board movie going crowds are promised of a rare once in a lifetime cinematic experience. Filled with horror mystery thriller and suspense all in one package this will be a perfect kind of a motion picture for fans.

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