Thursday, May 17, 2012

Around the World in 80 Plates - Episode 2 : Lyon

The 11 remaining chefs are off to Lyon where the Course will take them through the Beaujolais countryside. For the Takeover, the teams run bistros and serve traditional Lyonnais dishes, but one chef outsmarts their fellow competitors by getting a traditional recipe from a local. Will the clever move pay off or will the chef go down in flames?

First team through the Course 
wins the Takeover advantage ..

the Essential Ingredient. 

the Course

WINNER - the BLACK  Team

Essential Ingredient - 
Chef Joseph

the Takeover
Roasted Chicken with Truffle Oil
Legume Salad with Ham

Foie Gras with Onion Jam
Pink Quenelle with Nantua Sauce
Chocolate Brownie
Haddock with Sauce Gribiche
Quenelle with Herbs and Lyonnaise Potatoes
Salad Lyonnaise

Immunity @ Next City - 

Bye ... Sai
You got tossed under the bus .. baby !!!

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