Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vinyl NEWS - Futurama's Wooden Bender by Kidrobot

AWESOME is this piece indeed, standing 6 inches tall ! Kidrobot prepares to launch the WOODEN BENDER from the Futurama-series with a drop scheduled on June 7th and a decent price-point of US$50 per. And tis a vinyl toy made to look like wood - although an actual wooden sculpt would really make it special. McLovin' the woodpecker too !!

'Futurama’s Wooden Bender 6-inch vinyl figure is here and officially downgraded! Complete with removable red woodpecker and “technology-free” stumpy head and body, Wooden Bender is 6 inches tall and designed with the Kidrobot aesthetic twist, making this primitive vinyl ‘bot feisty and termite-free.' 

* this article stolen from the ToysREveil blog !

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Antonio Maragna said...

This looks so awesome!!! I can't wait!!