Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wacky Collecting - Searching for the Grail

So .. before I collected Wacky Wobblers and Funko .. 
I collected Wacky Packages by Topps .. 
When you talk grail pieces and there cost .. 
Be glad you don't collect the art from these stickers ..
Wacky Packages Norman Saunders Art/Painting Series 2 Hurts - Vintage
Here is your rare chance to pick up a highly sought Norman Saunders painted art piece. Offered here is the 1973 Series 2 Classic Title "Hurts Tomatoes". This is a great spoof of Hunts Tomatoes and considered a "perfect" wacky package as the spoof is simple, hilarious, beautifully painted, has a classic Norman Saunders Character and ridicules the original product.

I won't post the price on this .. so be prepared .. 
The auction link will take you to more info .. here it is ..

by Norman Saunders

Here are a few pictures of some of the sticker art in the collections of some Wacky collector's. The Original art is much bigger then the actual finished sticker size. 
These were drawn in the 70's remember.

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