Thursday, January 10, 2013

Convention Madness - CES 2013 : the "Booth Babe" Debate Continues

I hate to say this, but the woman commenting on the last portion of this video is not very smart. She says "Let's have some topless men at these booths." 

First, the Booth Babes are not topless. 
Secondly, why would you market toward the only 14% of the workplace ? 
Third, yes that is Gary Shapiro at the :20 mark.
Hi Gary .. How is Vegas this year ? LOL !!

Some visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas are angry that the so-called 'booth babes' are back despite much criticism at last year's event.
A year after the BBC first highlighted the issue scantily clad women are still a staple of electronics and technology shows around the world, but some females in the industry feel the tactic has been taken too far.
While models have been banned from technology and gaming expos in China, the US is seeing a steady growth in their use in marketing. Critics say their presence is degrading to women and contributes to the fact that so few women want to take up careers in engineering.

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