Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Funko Collection Update - Selling Japanese Doala Wobbler & Computer Sitter

Was looking to trade this Japanese Doala Wobbler 
& Computer Sitter for something I need, 
but I have every POP!  now practically. 

So, now maybe I'll sell him to get a POP! Proto I want.
I don't need to sell them though.
Look over the pictures please,
the Wobbler & Box are MINT.
As is the Computer Sitter.

Looking for $100.00 for Both Pieces

Comes shipped within the Continental US
Priority Mail w/ Delivery Confirmation
Any other shipping, for other areas is extra,
and paid by the buyer. That is additionally added to the $100.
Email me if you are interested w/ your Shipping Address.

Excepting PayPal ONLY !!
(put through as Personal, then as a Gift, so no fees on either party)
I will include my PayPal Email Payment Address in my reply to your email.

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