Friday, January 18, 2013

Funko NEWS - Some of the 2013 POP! Exclusives Revealed

Unmasked Deadpool - Diamond Comics*
Unmasked X Force Deadpool - Diamond Comics*

Glow in the Dark Deadpool - Harrison's Comics
X Force Deadpool - Hot Topic
Reverse Color Deadpool - Fugitive Toys
Yellow/Blue Deadpool - Convention Exclusives**

Glow in the Dark Ghostrider - Harrison's Comics
Jean Grey-Summers Phoenix - Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC info)
Flocked Beast - Gemini Collectibles (pre-order now)

Metallic Iron Man Iron Patriot - Hot Topic

Glow in the Dark Skeletor - Gemini Collectibles

Michonne Blood Splatter - Harrison's Comics
Michonne Pet Walkers Blood Splatter - Harrison's Comics
Glenn Blood Splatter - Man of Action Figures (pre-order now)
Tank Suit Zombie Blood Splatter - Convention Center**

*Diamond Comics is a distributor, and does not sell to the public. See your local comic or collector store for them to possibly place an order.

** Unannounced Comic Con Exclusive. In other words possibly a SDCC, NYCC, or other Convention exclusive only available at that show.

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