Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art NEWS - Joe Simko's NEON GRAVEYARD Art Exhibit : TT-Underground Gallery NYC

TT Underground (formerly known as The Showroom NYC), is the event space and gallery created by Toy Tokyo’s Owner/Operator, Lev, in 2004. The threads of the gallery may have first been spun into existence earlier than that, but the knots weren’t tied together until the customizable NYC subway car themed “Tag the System” show.
TTUnderground emerged in June 2010 as the new Toy Tokyo Gallery Space, when the brick and mortar store moved from it’s location between 7th & 8th street on 2nd Ave, to it’s current home at 91 2nd Ave. A mere 2 blocks south from the old space. The new gallery open at the same spot, but you guessed it: underneath the store front.
Its roots were forged in the journey that began with theshowroomNYC (in the fall of 2004), as a unique venue to explore the connection of pop art culture with the world of designer toys.  The genre encompasses a wide range of artists who choose to display their works on various mediums including clothing, vinyl toys, canvas, and even film.  Originally this realm was most popularized in Japan, China, and Hong Kong.  Now the combination of art and the limited edition toy is main stream in the United States.
TTUnderground strives to continue the expansion and growth of the intersection of pop art and designer toys through exhibition and special art events.
TTUnderground is located on 91 2nd Avenue – Lower Level, in the East Village of Manhattan.  It was created by Toy Tokyo - The Ultimate Toy Store Experience.  Visit our toy store at 91 Second Avenue, New York, NY or call 212-673-5424 for more information.

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