Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bossy Bear - Just Bossy Lemony Fresh

If you’ve David Horvath’s Bossy Bear series, Toy2R is going to make your summer with four separate releases spread across TTF and SDCC. First, TTF will see the debut of the new 5” Just Bossy Bear assortment (assuming this means blind-boxed) featuring all Bossy Bear, all the time – different colorways and expressions. Next up, the Lemony Fresh Special Edition Bossy Bear and Friends (previously referred to as ‘yellow' edition)of Bossy Bear, Turtle, and Crocadoca (300 each, numbered).

Finally, the newest member of the BB family, Crocadoca will be available in two extremely limited two tone GID editions each featuring five figures (eds. of 50). For TTF there’s the GID Primary edition and for SDCC there’s the GID DIY edition (unpainted). See pics after the jump – don’t let the product names on the fliers confuse you – apparently they were changed at some point.

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