Sunday, June 28, 2009

Original Funny Face Wood Walkers

We all know I collect everything .. but Pillsbury Funny Face stuff is very special to me ..

Check this auction out .. talk about once in a lifetime .. wish I could afford to bid ..

These are real proto's ... amazing work ..

A great piece of history ..

Comes with the original shipping box too .. WOW !!!

This is a very interesting collection of original prototypes which were created by Jack L. Williams (1918-1992). Jack Williams was asked by a man in advertising to carve some figures for an idea he wanted to sell to Pillsbury. Jack carved these 4 Pillsbury Funny Face Characters out of wood and hand painted them for an advertising presentation to Pillsbury for their Funny Face Fruit Drink. Please see the attached history sheet. There are 5 prototypes: Rootin Tootin' Raspberry, Choo Choo Cherry, Goofy Grape, and Jolly Ollie Orange (actually two prototypes of this character). Because of Jack's prototypes, Pillsbury signed a contract with F & F Mold and Die Company, Dayton Ohio to produce these figures Also in this collection is a set of F & F mold plastic Pillsbury Funny Face Walkers that were made from Jack William's prototypes along with the original box from F & F Mold. There is one duplicate of Goofy Grape by F & F Mold in plastic. The plastic walkies are marked F & F mold and dated 1971. The first and fifth photos show the prototypes. The rest of the photos show the F & F Mold plastic walkers next to the prototype. The Prototype is on the right hand side of each group. This is a rare opportunity to purchase the "Originals" of these highly collectible Pillsbury Funny Face characters. The third picture shows Jack enjoying what he did best, wood carving.

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