Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SDCC Exclusive - O*NO Sushi ( by Andrew Bell )

For quite awhile now, Andrew Bell has suffered from an empty stomach as he drew creatures surrounded by scrumptious food over and over. Now, his cravings have spilled over into his newest toy – the oh-so clever O-No Sushi based on his ‘Never Look Back’ print series. A Bento set like no other, Chef Bell’s course includes a nervous limb-challenged squid figure with articulated arms/legs (well… stumps), two sets of interchangeable eyes, a bowl of tentacles and a slice of tentacle sushi.

Limited to 150 sets, the blue edition will be available at SDCC in both the Dumbrella (#1335/1337) and DKE Toys booths (#4732). The standard red edition will be available shortly after the ‘con from your favorite retailer.

We’ve been excited about these for awhile – one of Mr. Bell’s best figures in recent memory. It offers not just an isolated character but a quirky, humorous experience/world that will be immediately familiar to most. Though, we’re still super partial towards Groob – remember him ?

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