Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top Chef Masters - Week 6 Mystery Box

I have some catching up to do .. these are the from the last 3 weeks of the show .. which I have on DVR .. Bravo's pictures on there site still won't load up for some of the weeks !!

Knives are drawn and the display of extraordinary talent begins in the most ordinary of places – a grocery store where the chefs are met with the classic Quickfire "Aisle Trial" (Season 3, Top Chef). Master chefs Roy Yamaguchi (Roy's Restaurants), Art Smith (Table Fifty-Two), Michael Cimarusti (Providence) and Jonathan Waxman (Barbuto) pass the Quickfire round and are faced with a mystery box from which they must concoct their Elimination Challenge meals. One chef moves on to the Champions Round.

Michael Cimarusti won the Quickfire with 5 Stars !!

Loin of Lamb with Sunchocke PureƩ

Art Smith won the Elimination

Fried Chicken Two Ways
Smashed White Yams and Apples, Smoked Cheddar Grits, and Mango Pie

WINNER Week 6 - Art Smith

10,000 for
Common Threads

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