Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top Chef Masters - Week 8 Champions Round 2

I have some catching up to do .. these are the from the last 3 weeks of the show .. which I have on DVR .. Bravo's pictures on there site still won't load up for some of the weeks !!

It’s a battle of the burgers as the five remaining chefs strive to create an American classic. In the Elimination Challenge, the Masters must prepare the perfect meal for an exclusive celebrity lunch thrown by actress and singer-songwriter Zooey Deschanel. Morgan Spurlock also guest stars, and one chef is eliminated, while the remaining four move to the next round of competition.
TIE for the Quickfire -
Michael Chiarello

"Hamburgese Enorme" with Truffle Manchego Potato Chips
Rick Bayless

Queso Fundido Burger with Trio of Guacamole
Honorable Mention
Art Smith

Cornmeal Hoecake Burger with Fried Green Tomatillos and Coleslaw
Elimination Winner - Michael Chiarello

Quinoa Pasta with Salsa Verde, Gremolata and Tomatoes

OUT Week 8 - Art Smith

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