Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a day ..What a Fabulous Day ..

God likes me .. he really really likes me .. !!

This will be short and sweet again .. I'm wiped out. Wild Bill's Funday was a complete blast !!

Cathy and I traveled to Conn. for the party .. and we had a beautiful day for a party.

Wild Bill, Buffalo Bill , Berk , Mrs. Bill, and Heather were great hosts. The live music from Riders of the Storm and Abbey Road were great !! Wild Bill loved his t-shirt and wore it all day over his sweatshirt .. everybody liked the pins and exclusive stickers for the Hippie Freddys.

The prizes were even better .. as you can tell from the picture below. Tomorrow a detailed account for all .. and pictures on the website to go along with it.
YES .. those are the Monster Cereal Crystals that I have wanted soooo badly !!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Short & Sweet .. Like ME

Blogging is the way of the future.

Maybe because it's so easy to do, to get your word out there, to get attention to yourself or something you love.

For years I have been trying to spread the word .. the word of FunKo ..

If it ain't FUNKO .. it ain't FUN !!

Toys that bring back the past for us. After all it's all about the FUN.

My JAFO website doesn't get the attention it once did .. from me anyways. So .. I decided to start the blog to update people in between the time that I can do updates to the website.

Personally .. I have been collecting all kinds of cool toys since I was young, but the last 6 years I have been hooked on Funko .. no toy has kept my attention this long since the box to my Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle !!

Like I said I collect lots of cool stuff .. too me anyways .. but right now it's all about the FunKo !!

Look what's coming SOON !! MORE MARVEL !!!

The Day Before a FUNDAY

Tomorrow is the day ...

Big party in Conn !!

East Coasters UNITE !!

Sunday just check out the JAFO website for pictures of the Funday .. in the EVENTS section !!

Wanna get my Hippie Freddy .. and Crystal Wild Bill wobblers !!

I will be great to see my fellow Funatics in person again .. although we talk all the time in our FUNATIC FORUMS .. it's great to see my friends from all over !!