Saturday, July 10, 2010

Foodie Post - Clams/Lime Fettuccine

SDCC 2010 - 9 DAYS AWAY !!!

Top Chef DC - Episode 4: Room Service

For the Elimination, the chefs are tested on their level of hospitality service, creating a menu suitable for Hilton Hotels and Resorts' global travelers.

For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs must create baby food for Padma and Tom's newborns. For the Elimination, the chefs are tested on their level of hospitality service. Hilton Hotels and Resorts enlists the chefs to create a dish that fits their guests' needs, global travelers who demand round the clock accessibility to good food that is healthy, affordable, and sophisticated. The chefs must create a breakfast, lunch and dinner dish for a select focus group. In order to execute three services, chefs are paired into seven teams of two. The team with the dish that best meets Hilton requirements will be awarded with a Hilton vacation and a featured dish on Hilton menus across the country. Guest judging will be Beth Scott, Vice President of Restaurant Concepts at Hilton and Nora Pouillon, the nation’s first certified organic chef. Past cheftestants Bryan Voltaggio, Michael Isabella and Spike Mendelsohn make an appearance in the episode.

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