Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Funko Collection Update - Steamboat Willie 9" POP!

I am completely blown away by Ken's (lovetheangels) generosity !!

Ken posted that he had something to send me that I could scratch off my POP! want list.

Never would I have expected this Awesome POP!, even when I just went outside to find the box he sent it in did I think it was this POP!

I wasn't expecting anything else in the mail, and it being dark I just thought maybe he found a couple I needed since the box was so big.

Ken you are the BEST Buddy !!

thank you .. Thank You .. THANK YOU .. !!

Live from New York its from my iPhone !!

Giants SuperFan - Joe Ruback : the License Plate Guy

In case any of you people don't know who Joe is, here is a recent article about him.

Giant super fan steps up to plate every game !!

It’s lunchtime in Yonkers and two dozen uniformed kids are marching around the perimeter of the Biondi School gym, all of them wearing khaki pants and maroon shirts, a parade of conformity playing out before an athletic director who conforms to little besides full-bore eccentricity.

Joe Ruback looks at the kids and smiles. He tries to explain the power of his passion, the depth of his dedication, the logic behind his lunacy - one that has compelled him to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, and wear a ladder of license plates to football games, all over the country.

Live from New York its from my iPhone !!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Funko NEWS - Maleficent 6' POP!

So .. this Awesome POP! showed up in Louisiana for Price's collection. I'm guessing I should see another one on Sunday @ Toy Fair in NYC.

Live from New York its from my iPhone !!

NCIS the 200th Episode Tonight

Less then 1 hour peeps !!

Live from New York its from my iPhone !!

Superbowl XLVI Champion NY Giants - the Parade

As many as one million people were expected to line the financial district's Canyon of Heroes for the N.Y. Giants Super Bowl Victory Parade.

The parade kicked off at Battery Place and Washington Street and continued northbound up the Canyon of Heroes to Worth Street. The parade was to be followed by a ceremony at City Hall Plaza, at which Mayor Michael Bloomberg was to present the New York Giants with Keys to the City.

On Tuesday, a police-escorted caravan of 15 buses brought the team, family and friends to lower Manhattan from the Giants' practice facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The Giants were showered with at least 30 tons of manufactured confetti from skyscrapers lining Broadway.

On Monday, 250 fans nabbed pairs of tickets to the festivities at City Hall. About 50,000 people entered sweepstakes for a place at the ceremony.

The sidewalks lining Tuesday's ticker-tape parade up the Canyon of Heroes were pakced.

A large screen was set up near City Hall Park for members of the public to watch the official ceremony.

A ticker-tape parade was held in February 2008 for the Giants after that year's Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots.

That parade reportedly cost $331,000. Most of the money was raised by NYC & Co., the city's marketing arm. live streamed Fox 5's live coverage of the New York Giants 2012 Super Bowl victory parade. #Giantsparadeonfox

The last ticker-tape parade through New York was in Nov. 2009 after the New York Yankees beat the Philadelphia Phillies in six games for their 27th World Series title.

New Jersey will not get left out of the action.

A rally for Big Blue was to take place Tuesday at 3 p.m. at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

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