Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art NEWS - Joe Simko's NEON GRAVEYARD Art Exhibit : TT-Underground Gallery NYC

TT Underground (formerly known as The Showroom NYC), is the event space and gallery created by Toy Tokyo’s Owner/Operator, Lev, in 2004. The threads of the gallery may have first been spun into existence earlier than that, but the knots weren’t tied together until the customizable NYC subway car themed “Tag the System” show.
TTUnderground emerged in June 2010 as the new Toy Tokyo Gallery Space, when the brick and mortar store moved from it’s location between 7th & 8th street on 2nd Ave, to it’s current home at 91 2nd Ave. A mere 2 blocks south from the old space. The new gallery open at the same spot, but you guessed it: underneath the store front.
Its roots were forged in the journey that began with theshowroomNYC (in the fall of 2004), as a unique venue to explore the connection of pop art culture with the world of designer toys.  The genre encompasses a wide range of artists who choose to display their works on various mediums including clothing, vinyl toys, canvas, and even film.  Originally this realm was most popularized in Japan, China, and Hong Kong.  Now the combination of art and the limited edition toy is main stream in the United States.
TTUnderground strives to continue the expansion and growth of the intersection of pop art and designer toys through exhibition and special art events.
TTUnderground is located on 91 2nd Avenue – Lower Level, in the East Village of Manhattan.  It was created by Toy Tokyo - The Ultimate Toy Store Experience.  Visit our toy store at 91 Second Avenue, New York, NY or call 212-673-5424 for more information.

Funko Collection Update - Fugitive Toys order is HERE !!

Also my JMD Retail Exclusive got here too .. !!

the Rant - Please Stop the Dumbing Down of Americans. News doesn't always happen under 140 Characters.

Life & News doesn't always happen under 140 Characters.

Here we have an example of the Long Island Local News Channels news break from Facebook & Twitter.

BREAKING NEWS: President Obama is meeting with Turkey's Prime Minister. Obama is expected to address the widening IRS scandal. 

Will Obama be in a meeting with the Turkish Prime Minster talking about the IRS scandal ?? Which IRS scandal ?? Can we have the address of the meeting too ?? 
Is it here on Long Island ?? What would Long Islanders think about this ??

Here is how this article should read from this combined News Break.

Long Island, New York : Today U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Turkey's Prime Minister Tom Butterball to discuss the ever widening growth in taxation of breast implants. We have unconfirmed reports on the actual location of today's meeting though. This scandal has reached humongous proportions in the Exotic dancer community. 

Desiree LaMonica, author of "Diary of a PISSED OFF Stripper" and an employee of a local Long Island establishment was quoted saying "This taxation with implantation has gotta stop. It has effected my income and personal livelyhood." 

When interviewing Scarlett Lipshitz another local, who works as a pole shiner at another well known un-named Long Island establishment, asked "Do you know how many lap dances I have to give those Turkey's to get an upgrade on these babies ?" while she squeezed together her surgically augmented breastsesess. 

"What a revolting development this is .." Bubbles Washington was heard saying. She has been the self proclaimed "Stripper Queen of Hempstead" of recent years. 

Bubbles continued to comment "We need to start tossing these implants into Freeport Harbor like our foremother's would have done back in da' Revolutionary days if they was dancin' fo' dolla's back then !!"

Legend (wait for it) ary NYC Exotic Dance Club Patron Barney Stinson was quoted saying "I don't know much about the Turkish people, but I know where I will be on Thanksgiving Eve this year. AWESOME !!" 

So .. there's the news as I see it .. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the Ugly Truth - Uglydoll NEWS : McLovin' These Chucks !!!

Uglydoll has partnered with The Ave Venice to offer custom printed  Uglydoll Converse Chucks.  The new collection features four different Ugly Doll designs ready to be printed to white Chucks using The Ave’s patented process which is the heart of their on-demand custom printed apparel business.  The exclusive Uglydoll kicks are available at their Venice, California location and through their web store for $90 (+ s/h).  So if you love Ugly Dolls or know someone that does, these might be the perfect choice.

*this article stolen from the Vinyl Pulse blog.

Funko Collection Update - Today was a GOOD Day !!


Funko NEWS - 2013 San Diego Comic Con : Pre-Buy & FunDays Info

2013 San Diego Comic-Con
Pre-Buy Special & 
Fun Days Information !!
2013 Comic-Con Exclusives 
Pre-Buy Special !!
A Message From The President of Funko...Brian Mariotti:
1. 2013 Pre-Buy is open to anyone attending the event or our wholesale customer accounts.
2. This year we are offering a $150.00 discount off of the Comic Con retail price!
3. Email your order to
4. Paypal ( or Call FUNKO with CC number for purchase.
5. This year we have 57 official EXCLUSIVE "FOR SALE" items that will appear in our booth!! 
6. Free Shipping!! US Only, otherwise you are responsible for shipping costs.
7. Pre-Buys will ship at the time of San Diego Comic-Con. (July 18th-ish)
Monday July 1st is the LAST day we will accept Pre-Buy Orders!
Or when the limited quantities sell out - Whichever comes first.
This year, the 57 items total $950.00 retail cost...
BUT...this Pre-Buy is ONLY $799.00..a saving of $151.00 PLUS Free SHIPPING
**US Only - Outside US must pay own shipping**
Place your orders NOW!!!!!
Here are some clues from the man himself...
You know we like to keep things FUN...
1. This FLOCKED Wacky wobbler is Wocka Wocka Wocka! - $17
2. This METALLIC Wacky Wobbler stems from mayhem! - $17
3. A truly patriotic METALLIC Wobbler! - $17
4. This 80;s cartoon classic Wobbler gets a METALLIC treatment! - $17
5. This Superhero from the 1960's Wobbler looks handsome in METALLIC! - $17
6. DOMO+DC Comics - Super Secret Pop! - $15
7. DOMO+DC Comics - Super METALLIC Pop! - $15
8. This extremely popular Marvel Pop! goes METALLIC! - $15
9. A cartoon adventure goes GLOW in Pop! - $15
10. A ZOMBIFIED adventure Pop! - $15
11. A mighty GLOWING Pop! - $15
12. Video Game Hero goes under a color transformation! - $15
13. Video Game Hero gets yet another color transformation! - $15
14. Pop! METALLIC full of fire! - $15
15. This Disney Pop! goes METALLIC blue! - $15
16. This classic and cute Disney Pop! flies into a METALLIC variation! - $15
17. This Superhero Pop! has an alternate uniform that is TOP SECRET! - $15
18. Yeah Yeah Yeah's said it best - "off with your head!" Pop! style! - $15
19. A Superhero Pop! UNMASKED! - $15
20. A wingman Pop! UNMASKED as well! - $15
21. Brains before beauty with this Pop! color variation! - $15
22. An out of this world Pop! transports to you! #1 - $15
23. An out of this world Pop! transports to you! #2 - $15
24. An out of this world Pop! transports to you! #3 - $15
25. An out of this world Pop! transports to you! #4 - $15
26. A brave Princess Pop! gets a make-over! - $15
27. A DISCO version of an 80's evil cartoon classic Pop! - $15
28. A certain company mascot goes 9" Pop! in this new color scheme! - $50
29. Flashback to college life with this Pop! variation! - $15
30. College buddies are always near but with a twist for this Pop! - $15
31. Splattered Pop! from outer space! - $15
32. This Pop! is hunting for you and is splattered too! - $15
33. This METALLIC Pop! is undead with a cone on his head! - $15
34. One of four! METALLIC mayhem Pop! style! - $15
35. Two of four! METALLIC mayhem Pop! style! - $15
36. Three of four! METALLIC mayhem Pop! style! - $15
37. Four of four! METALLIC mayhem Pop! style! - $15
38. This Pop! is bloody...But killing is messy! - $15
39. Blood Splattered and undead - Pop! style! - $15
40. GLOW in the dark this devoted Pop! follower is! - $15
41. A METALLIC version of another follower! - $15
42. This is no diet coke of evil Pop! - He is pure purple METALLIC! - $15
43. This bounty Pop! hunter from another galaxy gets a new color! - $15
44. This ever changing Superhero gets some new spots and BLOOD! - $15
45. Don't make this evil Pop! angry, or he sill go METALLIC on ya! - $15
46. METALLIC Pop! and animalistic Pop! fun! - $15
47. A 2-Pack of Disney METALLIC Pop! fun! - $30
48. This gorgeous Disney Pop! goes full metal! - $15
49. Green is this Pop! favorite shade, but with a METALLIC treatment! - $15
50. A NEW Disney Pop! makes his debut! - $15
51. A brand new Vinyl Figure gets FLOCKED 5 times! Color #1 - $20
52. A brand new Vinyl Figure gets FLOCKED 5 times! Color #2 - $20
53. A brand new Vinyl Figure gets FLOCKED 5 times! Color #3 - $20
54. A brand new Vinyl Figure gets FLOCKED 5 times! Color #4 - $20
55. A brand new Vinyl Figure gets FLOCKED 5 times! Color #5 - $20
56. My Little Vinyls get so clear and sparkly! - $20
57. My Little Vinyls get so clear and sparkly too! - $20
And now a message from ME:
The prices above represent the full retail price these items will be sold for at the Con.
Let me know if you have questions!
Unless it's a question about the clues...That would ruin the surprise!!!
**JOKE** If you ask me about a clue, you're automatically disqualified from purchasing. **JOKE**
Hehe. Do we all understand that is a joke? Ok, good. 
2013 San Diego Comic-Con FUNKO Fun Days!!
Another Message From The President of Funko...Brian Mariotti:
Who: YOU! 
What: Come join Funko for a FANTASTIC evening of fun!
When: Friday, July 19th, 2013 at 8pm.
Where: Holiday Inn at the Bay San Diego (now called The Wyndham San Diego Bayside)

Why: You know the drill...prizes, prizes, and MORE, drinks, desserts, and awards...

A great time for ALL if you are at San Diego Comic Con 2013.
You do not want to miss out on the FUNKO event of the year!

Tickets are $60 per person..Please paypal at or call Anne at Funko!
And now another message from ME:
Spots are filling up fast!
Reserve spots NOW to guarantee that you will be included in the ridiculous amounts of FUN!
Shawndra Illingworth
Sales Associate | Funko LLC