Thursday, December 2, 2010

Top Chef All-Stars Ep 1: History Never Repeats

The All-Stars are back in the Top Chef kitchen. In the first Quickfire Challenge, chefs from each season work as a team to create a dish for ultimate bragging rights as the best season ever on Top Chef. In the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must recreate the dish that sent them packing the first time around. Anthony Bourdain appears in a recurring role at the Judges' Table.


Chicago Pork and Black Pepper Sausage, Mustard Ice Cream
credits: Dale Talde, Richard Blais, Antonio Lofaso, Spike Mendelsohn


Homemade Ramen with Sweet Glazed Pork Belly & Watermelon
credits: Angelo Sosa

Pack your Knives & GO !!

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Bravo's TOP CHEF website

Funko NEWS - Product Placement in Action

Being a HUGE Giants & Eli fan ..
How could I not love this commercial.
Check out all the Funko Wacky Wobblers
in this commercial.

USA Freddy Funko
Johnny Fang
Surf Dude
Super Wild Bill
Bone Daddy
Freaky Tiki
GLOW Freaky Tiki
Red Freaky Tiki
Atomic Fun Girl
Silver/Gold Freddy Funko
Albert Einstein
Christmas Demonique
Smart Alex
Space Ace
Big Willy
Uncle Sam
Referee Freddy
Mr. Howl
Black/Purple Johnny Fang

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top Chef All-Stars - Gonna Be A Food FIGHT !!!

Top Chef All-Stars STARTS TONIGHT 10pm on BRAVO

These 2 Being Friendly .. SCARE ME !!!

Wacky Packages Wednesday - Old School 2 COMING SOON !!!

The series will be expected to go on sale regularly in mid December at the Topps Online Store and ship the last week of December (as always, subject to change).

The series will have 5000 boxes total.
The breakdown of a box is as follows:
Box (yellow with blue lettering)
24 packs (same amount inside as last time)
33 different stickers
9 puzzle checklist cards (Topps product is the puzzle)
1 series 3 mini sticker (a surprise that I will not reveal)
3 Jay Lynch or Bill Griffith '70s concept roughs with their thoughts on the back. 3 of each artist, 6 total to get. All concepts used in the series for stickers
3 5x7 stickers (day-glo black satin, funky stickers)(art by Jay Lynch)(9 different total)
Insert poster (by Jay Lynch)
Sketch card by one of the following artists: Jay Lynch, Bill Griffith, Bhob Stewart, Fred Wheaton, Mark Parisi, Neil Camera, Brent Engstrom, Jeff Zapata, Smokin Joe McWilliams, Joe Simko and David Gross.

Also available will be a binder with series 2 wax wrapper, sketch card poster, series poster and uncut sheets along with the majority of the artwork for the series sold on Ebay through Topps Vault.

5x7 full sets of the series will be available at a later time. These will come as a set in a giant wax wrapper and be tan backs. Series one will be available as a full set as well and to make them different than the ones in the series one box they will be tan backs or Ludlow (undecided at this time).