Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Funko NEWS - A NEW Nightmare

Zenescope NEWS - Inferno Preview

GRIMM FAIRY TALES: INFERNO #1 Ralph Tedesco (W) Grace is lost and restless in a big city where her nightmares seem all too real. Suffering from a form of amnesia, she only feels empty and confused. Her therapist overmedicates, her boss sexually harasses her and her boyfriend beats her. The world is quickly closing in around Grace but when she learns the truth of her past she might just find the power within to redeem her life and battle her demons, no matter how real they might be. Jacob’s Ladder meets The Long Kiss Goodnight in this explosive mini-series only from ZENESCOPE Cover A by Joe Benitez (SoulFire, Demonic)

Originally announced last June as "Grimm Fairy Tales: Dante's Inferno", the mini-series that offers the Zenescope Grimm Fairy Tales take on Dante's classic is been re-titled to simply "Inferno". With the announcement comes this first look at Joe Benitez's cover for the first issue, and the alternate cover by Erik Jones. No artist was announced for the series just yet, but it will be hitting stands this May.