Friday, January 30, 2009

ZeneGirl of the Month - Victoria

Please give conrats to - Victoria
The 1st Zenescope Girl of the Month

Zenescope Entertainment is known for their beautiful, brainy and butt-kicking female characters, so it's only natural for us to hold our first ever Girl of the Month Contest. One winner will be chosen each month to represent the Zenescope website as the Zenescope Girl of the Month 2009 and all you need to do to enter is email us a picture of just you along with a brief bio that includes your favorite Zenescope title and issue and any other fun facts about yourself that you want us to know to and make sure the pic includes a Zenescope theme! Whether it's you wearing a Zenescope T-shirt, holding a Zenescope comic or dressed as your favorite Zenescope character, just get a photo to us for your chance to win.
One winner will be chosen each month and that winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to COMIC-CENTRAL.COM online store as well as a Zenescope Gift Pack.
And to make things even more interesting, at the end of 2009, fans will vote to select one of the 12 monthly winners who will take the GRAND PRIZE: a 3 day, 2 night trip to COMIC CON International 2010 in San Diego courtesy of Zenescope Entertainment. The grand prize winner will also make an appearance at the Zenescope booth to sign autographs and to hang with the Zene-crew.
So get your photos to us right away and have your chance to be a 2009 Zenescope Girl!

*You MUST be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the U.S. or Canada to enter this contest. All specific contest details, prizes and prize details to be determined by Zenescope and/or contest sponsors in their sole discretion.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

GITD Turtle Test Shot Set

NYCC is Feb 6th - 8th - ZENE-NEWS MORE !!

Comic Con New York is February 6-8th at the
Javits Center in Manhattan
Zenescope Entertainment will be at
Booth #1421 all weekend long!

Zenescope is offering up 4 NYCC EXCLUSIVES
which are debuting at the Comic Con.
These items are limited and will go fast so
make sure you get over to booth 1421
and grab what you need!

GRIMM FAIRY TALES #35 NYCC Exclusive (limited to 500)

BEYOND WONDERLAND #5 NYCC Exclusive (limited to 500)

1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS #8 NYCC Exclusive (limited to 500)

WONDERLAND NYCC Exclusive T-SHIRT (limited to 100)

*Inside the NO QUARTER #0 is information on
Zenescope's PARTY LIKE A PIRATE contest

which will send lucky winners to

Key West, FL for 3 days and 2 nights

and VIP passes to the PIRATE SOUL MUSEUM

and Rum Barrel Bar for the Party like a

Pirate Bash being thrown by Zenescope!

Be a Zenescope Girl & WIN A TRIP to ....San Diego....!

Ladies, stop by Zenescope's booth #1421

to have your photo taken and you will be entered

into the ZENESCOPE GIRL of the month contest.

One winner will be selected each month throughout 2009

and will receive a $100 gift certificate to

as well as a Zenescope gift pack which includes

free books, t-shirts and other Zenescope products.

But there's more! One GRAND PRIZE winner

will be chosen at the end of the year by our online voters

and will be selected to win a trip for two to


in ....SanDiego.. ..OR.... a cash

equivalent that can total up to $1500!

How to enter: Just dress as your favorite Zenescope/ Fairy Tale

or Wonderland character or even

come to the booth as you are and get your

photo taken by our in-booth photographer.

Photo times @ booth 1421:

Friday 3-6pm
Saturday 11-1pm and 3-5pm
Sunday 1-3pm

NOT GOING TO NEW YORK? That's okay, email
us your pic. Just click this link and it will give you the information
you need!

Wonderland: The Director's Cut
Friday Feb. 6th
3:15 - 4:15pm Room 1A23

Join Raven Gregory, Daniel Leister, Nei Ruffino,

Ralph Tedesco, and Joe Brusha as they walk you

step-by-step through the creation of their insanely popular

independent comic Return To Wonderland and sequel Beyond Wonderland.

From story to script to pencils to colors, the team will take you

inside the production of the creation of their cult hit.

They'll also be raffling off some very cool prizes to boot.

*Prizes include T-shirts, Custom Skins, Comic Books,

2009 Wonderland Calendars and Limited Edition Prints

The Grimm Side of Success
Saturday Feb. 7th
5:15 - 6:15pm Room 1A23

Zenescope Entertainment's Grimm Fairy Tales is one of the longest
running independent comic books being published today. Created in 2005 by Joe
Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, it quickly captured the imagination of thousands and
found a loyal audience. Now almost three and a half years and 36 issues later,
the creators will share the history of the comic and of the company that
surprised everyone. Join Joe, Ralph, Raven Gregory, David Seidman, and others as they walk you through the creation of their hit series and how they then
launched into developing and creating other titles such as Return to Wonderland
and 1001 Arabian Nights.
*Prizes include T-shirts, Custom Skins, Comic Books, 2009 Wonderland
Calendars and Limited Edition Prints.
Appearances and Signings @ Booth #1421


Team Wonderland
: Raven Gregory (writer), Daniel Leister
(illustrator) and Nei Ruffino (colorist) for RETURN TO WONDERLAND & BEYOND WONDERLAND
Noon-2pm (signing anything Wonderland including the 2009
NYCC Wonderland Exclusive

David Seidman (artist), Joe Brusha (writer) & Ralph Tedesco (writer) for GRIMM FAIRY TALES and SE7EN.
2-3pm (signing anything you need or want signed including the 2009 GRIMM FAIRY TALES NYCC Exclusive)

Adam Slutsky (writer) & James Brown (colorist) for NO QUARTER
3-4pm (signing free copies of NO QUARTER issue #0)

Eric Basaldua cover artist for WONDERLAND, GRIMM FAIRY TALES
4-5pm (sketching and signing books)

Tim Seeley cover artist for 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS
4-5pm (signing the 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS #8 NYCC Exclusive)

Ryan Stegman cover artist for WONDERLAND and GRIMM FAIRY TALES
5-6pm (head sketches & signing)

Ken Haeser writer, creator and artist of hit cult series THE LIVING
5-6pm (sketching and signing)


Team Wonderland
: Daniel, Nei & Raven are back!
10:30am-Noon (signing)

Ryan Stegman cover artist for GRIMM FAIRY TALES and BEYOND
Noon-1pm (head sketches and signing)
Ken Haeser
writer, creator and artist of cult hit series THE LIVING CORPSE
Noon-1pm (sketching & signing)

Pat Croce, Adam Slutsky writers/creators of the new series NO
QUARTER will be signing FREE copies of No Quarter #0
1-2pm (signing)
Joe Benitez cover artist for NO QUARTER will be signing FREE copies of NO QUARTER #0
1-2pm (signing)
David Seidman, Joe Brusha & Ralph Tedesco: the creators of GRIMM FAIRY TALES and the artist of Grimm #31 and 32
2-3pm (signing)

Team Wonderland: Raven, Nei & Daniel with Blond

3-4pm (signing)

Pat Croce & Adam Slutsky
4-5pm (signing)

Eric Basaldua Zenescope cover artist
5-6pm (sketching and signing)

Tim Seeley (cover artist) for GRIMM FAIRY TALES
5-6pm (signing)

Ken Haeser writer, creator and artist of hit cult series THE LIVING CORPSE
6-7pm (sketching and signing)


Team Wonderland

11-1pm (signing)

Ken Haeser writer, creator and artist of cult hit series THE LIVING CORPSE
1-2:30pm (sketching and signing)

Ryan Stegman Zenescope cover artist
1:30-2:30pm (head sketches & signing)

Blond & Nei colorists for WONDERLAND and GRIMM FAIRY TALES
2:30-3:30pm (signing)

Zenescope signings at the Celebrity Autographing Area

Friday 5:00-6:30pm, Table 3
Raven Gregory, Nei Ruffino & Daniel Leister
Signing the BEYOND WONDERLAND 2009 NYCC Exclusive

Saturday 2-3pm, Table 1

Pat Croce & Adam Slutsky
Signing FREE issues of NO QUARTER #0

Saturday 5:00-7:00pm, Table 3
Raven Gregory, Nei Ruffino & Daniel Leister
Signing the BEYOND WONDERLAND 2009 NYCC Exclusive

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top Chef .. Week 10 - All Stars Super Bowl !!!

The Past CHEFS are BACK !!

OMG .. Padma - The Hottest Ref EVER !!

Stefan - Banana Oatmeal Mousse with Almond Crisp
Stefan wins the
Quaker Oats
Quickfire Challenge
Although I like the looks of Jeff's Dish better !!
Jeff - Fried Oat Chicken, Grits with Oats, and Oat Crusted Zucchini Sticks

Carla - Crayfish and Andouille Gumbo Over Stone Ground Grits

Carla wins the Elimination

Bu-Bye Jeff ..
Pack Your Knives & Go !!

Check back here on Thursday's after the new episodes ..
BRAVO Wednesday nights @ 10 pm


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Star Trek - UPDATE !!

These are looking AWESOME !!

The latest Star Trek film is being produced by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof. Bryan Burk, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are the executive producers. The script has been written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, and J.J. Abrams will direct.

The project was announced in April 2006, and went into production in November 2007, with shooting expected to last through March 2008.

In June 2007 it was revealed that Zachary Quinto (Heroes) and Leonard Nimoy will portray Spock in the film (related story). Subsequent casting announcements have included Chris Pine as Kirk, Karl Urban as McCoy, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Zoë Saldana as Uhura, Simon Pegg as Scotty, and John Cho as Sulu.

Christopher Pike, Kirk's predecessor in command of the U.S.S. Enterprise, will be part of the story, and that role will be filled by Bruce Greenwood. There will be a villain named "Nero," played by Eric Bana. Nero's cohort "Ayel" will be played by Clifton Collins Jr.

Winona Ryder will portray "Amanda Grayson," Spock's human mother, and Chris Hemsworth will be a young "George Kirk," father of James T. Kirk.

Star Trek 2009 Trailer

TOS Version

NYCC is Feb 6th - 8th MORE ZENE-NEWS - No Quarter

Pat Croce Offers Zenescope "No Quarter"

Entrepreneur Pat Croce has been successful in many and varied business ventures, but he came from humble beginnings. The Philadelphia native began his career as a physical therapist for the National Hockey League’s Philadelphia Flyers. He founded Sports Physical Therapists in 1984, which he grew into a 40-store chain before selling the business in 1993 for $40 million. Croce invested some of that windfall to become co-owner and president of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team in 1996, and under his leadership, the once-languishing team went from last place to winning the Eastern Conference Championships in 2001. Croce has also become a successful non-fiction writer, penning a number of New York Times best-selling self-help books.

Croce is adept at turning his passions into successful business ventures, and one of his latest endeavors is to build a brand showcasing his life-long fascination with pirates. A fervent collector of artifacts of and relating to swashbucklers of days gone by, Croce decided to put his collection on display for all the world to see at the Pirate Soul Museum that he opened in Key West, Florida in 2005. He also wrote a pair of non-fiction pirate books, is developing a big-budget Blackbeard movie, and is co-writing a pirate graphic novel called “No Quarter,” to be published by Zenescope Entertainment.

Monday, January 26, 2009

FunKo Force's First

Funko Force
Super Deformed & Stylized Marvel Comics
X-Men Origins Wacky Wobbler New for 2009.
Funko Force bobbles will come in clear cylindrical packaging.
(SHIPS IN MID-March 2009)