Thursday, August 2, 2012

The first time my heart was broken ..

It wasn't by a girl .. 
It was 33 years ago today ..
I was 14 years old ..
I was so young ..
I flipped baseball cards ..
I put them in the spokes of my bicycle .. 
I listened to baseball on the radio mostly ..
Not many games on television back then ..
I was as I am today .. a Yankee Fan !!
Just one of millions with a broken heart ..

You are Forever a Yankee ..
As I am Forever a Yankee Fan !!


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All Glory to the Hypnotoad!
Meet Hypnotoad, beloved hypnotizing amphibian from Matt Groening's celebrated television series, Futurama, now stylized in 4.5 inches of vinyl. Now, you too can win a pet contest. Don't have sheep? Herd your cats, because his eyes really pulsate with changing colors. How? Toy magic. So it's like having the real Hypnotoad? Nope, it's a toy!

Foodie Post - Black Jack Ribs

Foodie Post - Best Burgers : Black Jack Burger

Vinyl NEWS - Homer Buddah : Regular Colored Edition

While I might have 'gasped' a wee at the Golden HOMER BUDDAH revealed and released at Comic-Con by Kidrobot, this regular colored one has my distinct attention!

* this article stolen from the ToysREvil blog !!