Saturday, June 11, 2011

Funko NEWS - Get Your Kicks ... w/ Betty Boop !!

Custom Crazed - Quickie Video : They Come From The Streets

They Come From The Streets group show went down 5/27-5/28 at UNHEADOF in Cincinnati. If you didn’t make it to the show, like me, enjoy this cool video and handful of art toys designed by Valleydweller, Gary Ham, Tharp and Scott Tolleson.

They came from the streets, toy show. from Run Home Productions. on Vimeo.

* this article stolen from the KidRobot blog.

Custom Crazed - OREO Dunny Series by Shawn Wigs

Customizer Shawn Wigs, aka Wigalicious, has taken two of his loves and created a delicious new set of custom 3-inch OREO Dunnys. This 9 piece blindboxed series is all hand sculpted and even has a rare Mint edition hidden in the mix.
Check out Shawn’s ebay store to add one of these sweet customs in your vinyl collection.

* this article stolen from the KidRobot blog.

Dunny Dementia 2011

Time is ticking down to the fateful day of June 23 and the release of Dunny Series 2011. The Daily Dunny in our countdown today is a post-apocalyptic Zombie design by KR veteran Huck Gee. This lurked-out harbinger of the undead has a ratio of 2/20 in each case. Adding to the excitement, there will also be two exclusive color variants that are FREE with case purchases at DS2011 trading parties, Kidrobot stores, and Get more event details HERE.

The Americas Edition (North, Central & South)

International Edition (everywhere else but the Americas)

* this article stolen from the KidRobot blog.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Custom Crazed - VISEOne : 7" Munny "Comic Stripped" Superman & Iron Man

VISEOne has completed another awesome set of "Comic Stripped" custom pieces, 7" Munny's commissioned by a collector wanting a Superman and Iron Man set. These customs were made using mixed media, apoxy clay, collage technique and acrylic paint and are completed to perfection. No doubt VISE is at the top of his game right now, just cant fault him on his customs, awesome work.

* this article stolen from Hello Vinyl

Funko NEWS - 2011 Halloween Preview : Universal Monster Wobblers

Funko NEWS - Ad Icons POP!

Funko NEWS - Loud Mouth Lime Exclusive

Randy from Randy's Funko Wobblers~Collectibles has himself a AWESOME
Funny Faces Funko Exclusive !!!

Check out the Collector's Set up on eBay , any true Funny Faces Collector
will have to have this set !!!

You can get the regular exclusive Lime, or the GLOW chase exclusive separately just check the other items he is selling. Randy has other Funko items, and some very cool stuff !!!

Thanx to Randy for getting this exclusive done, and getting this out to the Funko & Funny Faces collector's out there !!

Custom Crazed - Nakanari 8" Dunny "Spiki Lee"

Nakanari has completed an awesome custom, his first custom 8" Dunny, "Spiki Lee".Obviously inspired by the master Bruce Lee, "Spiki Lee" is kicking ass "Game of Death" style, with nun chucks at the ready and given such a super clean paint job by Nakanari. The line work is phenomenal as usual, fantastic work by the man Nakanari.

* this article stolen from Hello Vinyl