Saturday, September 18, 2010

Street Signs of Brooklyn

A little over a year ago I posted some pictures of
Tristan Eaton's Street Signs of Brooklyn

and Favorite Street Sign Ever !!

Here are more street signs from Tristan ..

Classic Cult Film Alert - Flash Gordon

HBO Family East 10:30 PM


Pathetic Earthlings ...
Who Can Save You Now ... ???

Flash, Dale, & Dr. Zarkov kick Ming the Merciless's A$$ and SAVE the planet ..


FLASH ... Ahhh hahhhhhh ..

He'll Save Everyone Of Us ..

Flash Gordon is a 1980 science fiction film, based on the eponymous comic strip character Flash Gordon, created by Alex Raymond. The film was directed by Mike Hodges and produced and presented by Dino De Laurentiis. It stars Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Chaim Topol, Max von Sydow, Timothy Dalton, Brian Blessed and Ornella Muti. The screenplay was written by Lorenzo Semple, Jr., and adapted by Michael Allin. It intentionally uses a camp style similar to the 1960s TV series Batman (for which Semple had written many episodes) in an attempt to appeal to fans of the original comics and serial films. The film is notable for its soundtrack composed, performed and produced by the rock band Queen (although orchestral sections were by Howard Blake).

The story opens with the voice of Emperor Ming the Merciless (Max von Sydow) indicating he will destroy Earth with a variety of seemingly natural disasters.
Sometime later on Earth, New York Jets football star “Flash” Gordon (Sam J. Jones) boards a small plane when the “hot hail” begins. Onboard, he meets travel journalist Dale Arden (Melody Anderson) who is also flying back to New York City. Mid-flight, the disasters become progressively worse and the pilots disappear from the cockpit. Flash takes control of the plane, and manages to crash lands in a greenhouse owned by Dr. Hans Zarkov (Chaim Topol). According to Dr. Zarkov's research, the disasters are being caused by an unknown physical source in space which is sending the moon out of orbit and toward the Earth. Zarkov had been secretly working on a rocket ship for several years to test his theory, and now intends to go to the coordinates for the source of the attacks. He accidentally launches the rocket during a fight with Flash and all three fly off into space, even sailing into the black hole where they finally land on the planet Mongo. There, they are taken prisoner outside a grand city.
Flash, Dale and Zarkov are brought before Ming the Merciless. Ming hypnotizes Dale and orders her to be removed and prepared for his pleasure, but Flash openly defies Ming and picks a fight with his men, adapting his athletic skills from American football. Ming orders Zarkov into Klytus’ custody for reconditioning and orders Flash's execution. Following Flash's disposal, Princess Aura (Ornella Muti) and Ming’s Chief Surgeon, one of her numerous lovers, open Flash’s casket and resurrect him. Zarkov is delivered to Klytus, who straps him to a table and uses a machine to empty his mind. Once complete, they begin to reprogram him. Aura and Flash quickly retreat to Arboria, kingdom of Prince Barin (Timothy Dalton), the main lover of Aura.
En route to Arboria, Aura teaches Flash to use a telepathic communicator so that he can contact Dale and let her know he is still alive. Aura takes advantage as Flash tries to concentrate on talking to Dale, Aura tries to kiss and seduce him, but Flash is able to hide what is happening from Dale. Relieved, Dale informs Flash that she is locked in Ming's bedchamber. She is served a hypnotic drink that keeps her in a relaxed and loving state towards Ming. She tricks the lady who brings the drinks to her into drinking them and the woman soon becomes relaxed and Dale changes clothing with her and escapes. Dale fights with guards and manages to get away. She runs into a reconditioned Zarkov (who managed to resist Klytus’ reprogramming) and informs him that Gordon is alive. The two subsequently escape, but they are quickly captured by Prince Vultan (Brian Blessed)’s Hawkmen and taken to his kingdom, Sky City.
Aura and Flash arrive at the forest moon Arboria. Aura asks Prince Barin to keep Flash safe. Barin, who is in love with Aura (but does not trust her), agrees not to kill Flash. Barin then places Flash in a cage and deliberately allows him to escape into a sacred Temple, where Barin recaptures him and insists that Flash participate in a deadly ritual as a consequence of his trespassing. The two men take turns sticking their hands into a hollow stump with a poisonous creature inside. When Barin compels Flash to take an extra turn, Flash pretends to be stung by the creature and begs for a quick death. As Barin prepares to strike, Flash grabs his weapon and escapes into the forest. Barin follows, but they are both captured by Prince Vultan’s Hawkmen.

Klytus (Peter Wyngarde) informs Ming of Flash's resurrection and requests Ming's authority to pursue the investigation which Ming agrees to. Aura returns alone to Mingo City only to be taken prisoner and violently interrogated by Klytus and General Kala. They eventually get a full confession and Ming orders Aura to be banished to the ice world Frigia after his wedding.
Flash and Barin are captured by the Hawkmen and taken to Sky City, where Flash and Dale are briefly reunited. Flash is forced to fight Barin to the death, but when Flash spares Barin's life, Barin finally realizes that Flash can be trusted and that they must join forces against Ming. Klytus arrives to arrest Barin and Zarkov for treason and recapture Dale, but Flash and Barin double-team Klytus and kill him. In a panic, Vultan orders all the Hawkmen to evacuate, leaving Barin, Flash, Dale and Zarkov behind. Ming’s ship arrives shortly afterwards and he orders Barin, Zarkov and Dale to be taken aboard his ship. Ming finds himself impressed with Flash, and offers him lordship over a subjugated Earth in exchange for Flash's life which Flash refuses. Ming returns to his ship and gives the order to destroy Vultan’s kingdom with Flash still on it. But once again, Flash cheats death by Ming by finding a rocket cycle in the city and escaping before Sky City is destroyed.
Flash contacts Vultan, whose people have found refuge on Arboria, and plot an attack on Mingo City. General Kala (Mariangela Melato) learns of Flash's solo attack on the city and orders weapons to open fire at him. Kala dispatches the war rocket Ajax to bring back Flash's body; but the Hawkmen army intercepts and, after a huge battle, Flash and the Hawkmen seize control of the rocket. In Mingo City, Princess Aura overpowers her guard and makes her way to the execution chamber, freeing Barin and Zarkov. Kala orders the city's weapons to fire upon Ajax (with Flash at the helm and Hawkmen in tow), as Ming and Dale’s wedding starts.
Barin manages to destroy the lightning field and Ajax plummets into the city; the ship's bow impales Ming as all others flee to safety. The impact throws Flash around in the rocket, dazed but uninjured. Ming falls off the rocket nose as Flash offers him life in exchange for the Earth's safety. Ming attempts to use his power ring on Flash but his power falters and nothing happens. He then aims the ring at himself and is seemingly vaporized by its remaining power. Ming's robot servant declares that Flash has saved the Earth and a huge victory celebration ensues. Barin is announced as the rightful heir to Ming's vacant throne. The newly-appointed King Barin shows his gratitude to Flash, appoints Vultan as the new Genral of the Armies, and decrees that all the kingdoms of Mongo shall live together in peace. Flash and Dale embrace, their future (and Zarkov's) left open for either a return to Earth or continuing adventures on Mongo.
The last scene focuses on Ming’s empty power ring, as an unidentified individual picks it up. “The End?” fade onto the screen, followed by an echo of Ming’s evil laughter...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wacky Packages Update - Collection Expansion

Got the 55 sticker base set last week ..
Today I got the 10 foils, 20 wack-o-mercials,
and 4 of the bonus stickers.

Foodie Post - Honey Cornbread Stuffing

Circus Punks - Collection Update

Got me a Circus Punk I wanted for along while !!

2007 Eric Davison "Tainted Visions" Circus Punk. Signed by the artist and numbered 32/40.

I have a few more coming soon anyday .. great deals on eBay right now .. !!

So filing some holes in the collection.

Here is Eric w/Me & NESS at this years Comic Con !!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wacky Packages Update - Collection Expansion

Found these at Toys R US !!

Recent RANTS - Car Trouble !!!

So .. Friday night I come out of work and some
a$$holes stabbed the tires on the passenger side of my car ..
Filed a report with Mall Security .. thats a laugh ..
Then with the police at the 3rd Precinct .. not that anything will come of it ..

$225 later .. the car is back on the road on Saturday afternoon ..
after I have to take Personal Time Off of work ..

Are you READY for some FOOTBALL !!! - WEEK 1