Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zenescope NEWS - the Dream Eater Saga .. It's COMING !!!

Zenescope NEWS - **NEW** Grimm Fairy Tales Covers

Zenescope NEWS - Zenescope Plans To Release Barnes & Noble Exclusive Cover

Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans to release a Barnes & Noble promotion exclusively with the national retail chain. Starting February 15th and ending March 15th, 2011, any customer who purchases Zenescope's THE WAKING Trade Paperback ($12.99 MSRP) through any Barnes & Noble retail location can receive a free limited edition copy of Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales #58 comic book with an exclusive cover.

Zenescope has recently promoted other books with such giveaways through Spencer’s Gifts. The Spencer's promotion was so successful that the limited edition comics completely sold out and some buyers soon found their exclusive copies were selling for up to $100 and more on eBay. "The Spencer's promotion was a way to push our books at a national retail chain while giving fans a chance to essentially grab a copy of a rare, limited edition prize they couldn't find anywhere else." said CEO Joe Brusha, "We know the Barnes & Noble Exclusive will have the same result. Fans can simply purchase a popular book of ours in THE WAKING and be rewarded with a very limited edition comic that will only increase in value."

Customers are encouraged to visit Zenescope’s website, download and fill out the Barnes & Noble Exclusive Form, then snail mail, e-mail or fax the form along with their receipt to Zenescope in order to take advantage of this free exclusive offer.

Go to www.zenescope.com for more details.

BIF BANG POW !! - Cool Bobbleheads

Foodie Post - Eggs Samwiches .. mmmmmmm

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dunny Dementia - Take Out

Foodie Post - Killa Cardiac Chili

New Moon 2011 – Jason Freeny

The 3rd annual New Moon show will be taking place this Friday the 11th from 6 – 9pm at myplasticheartNYC. Twenty-four (24) artists in different artistic backgrounds will be displaying their interpretations of the twelve (12) Chinese zodiac animals. Leading up to the show we will be introducing you to each artist participating in the show.